Demanding justice for the gang rape victim in MC college

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MC College is a 128 year old, very prestigious education institution in South Asia, with huge image as Oxford of the East. It’s a University College that has been serving the students from many places within the nation and beyond, which produces high numbers. of top calibers in each year.

When a heinous crime such as rape take place inside such a highly ranked institution by some loose filthy inhuman individuals, it shatters down the foundation of respect, value and prestige that it had gained over the centuries.
We as the Ex Students of MC and Government college do here by condemn this horrific crimes that was committed on the 25th of September 2020 in the strongest terms and demand the law of the Republic of Bangladesh to take appropriate steps of action in order to catch and punish the criminals to its highest extent.

These types of crimes must be prevented from taking place especially in these educational institutions. This is not the first time that our beloved Institution, MC college has had to suffer from such horrific crimes. Previously MC college hostel was burnt down by some criminals in 2012 but no criminals were brought to justice. If they had been caught and lawfully punished back then, then maybe this type of criminal activities would have been prevented. It should have been nipped in the bud.

We strongly demand these criminals to be brought to justice. At the same time we urge the concerned individuals/politicians not to pursue on behalf of these criminals as they do no and should not belong to political parties.

We are waiting for our voice to be heard and appropriate actions are taken.
We thank everyone involved in bringing this matter to a justified closure.

M A Munim Convenor
Iqbal Hossain (former VP) Joint Convenor
Abdul Razzak Joint Convenor
Batirul Haque Shordar General Secretary
Ex Students of MC and Government College Reunion Comity in UK.

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